Dr Deborah N. Brewis is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Bath, UK.

My research interests centre around the ways in which we ‘organise difference’ in and around work – the forms of difference that we see as salient, the rationales we use to explain why they are, and processes that we develop for organising them. My work critically examines these dynamics in relation to the issue of inequality and  organised efforts to promote equality. 

I work principally across two areas within Management and Organisation Studies: Critical Diversity Studies and Digital Labour, and have particular interests in emotion and affect, solidarity,  (in)equalities, higher education, and the ways in which the ‘self’ is managed today. I am currently writing about the practices of diversity practitioners, the emergent work of digital social influencers, and about social movement communities within academia. I also practice creative research methods and to engage artists in ‘writing differently’ about research. Click the images to the right to view portfolios that accompany some of my projects.